Property Owners

ODNA Groups property owners receive fixed incremental rental revenue income over and above the commercial premise tenants within the building.

Billboard landlords are able to increase rental return on a small footprint within the property and increase overall value if at some stage you do decide to sell…

ODNA Group provide end to end solutions where there is no cost risk to the property owner through the permit, licence or development application process.

ODNA Group’s commercial development team manage the town planning, architecture, engineering and risk assessment process through the council. The approved council billboard permit conditions are detailed in the lease for a straight forward long term tenancy agreement.

ODNA Group’s experience in building, installing and maintaining Digital LED billboards provides and efficient end to end process for landlords looking to drive higher rental returns on commercial properties facing high traffic areas.

ODNA Group have skilled expertise in every facet of the process from site identification, installation and maintenance through to advertising sales and reporting. We pride ourselves in educating our property managers in order to build strong relationships so expectations can be met and exceeded through the Out of Home billboard tenancy process.

Get in contact and we can put you in touch with our property partners for their experience in dealing with ODNA Group.