Ledman LED and LCD Screen Installation and Servicing

ODNA Group has several years of Ledman installation experience with LED and LCD digital screens including service and maintenance. Ledman Optoelectronic Company is one of China’s leading providers of high-tech LED products and solutions and China’s first listed high-tech LED company. Ledman specialises in the 8K UHD LED products and solutions.

Ledman products include the N Series which can handle extreme climates and provide strong performance out in the harsh Australian environment.

Unlike traditional LED displays that might become damaged during transport, a COB display is tougher (anti-shock, anti-collision, moisture-proof, dust-proof, water-proof), more reliable, with higher contrast ratio, better image quality, more flexible and quicker for installing.

The ODNA Group team of qualified engineers are able to provide full turnkey Ledman screen solutions right through to aftermarket warranty servicing.

ODNA Group deals directly with the manufacturer in Shenzhen and we have locally based staff in Brisbane that can communicate in Mandarin and English to manage hardware design and installation trouble shooting. Our engineers look forward to answering your Digital LED and Digital LCD billboard inquiries.

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